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"...I was particularly impressed with how well [Amy] got to know our organization and how well she kept the conversations focused and strategic..."

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                                          -Graham Brandt

Chair of the Board

10,000 Degrees



"...We refer to our plan many times throughout the year, which in my mind is a true testament of its clarity, reach and value..."

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-Kevin Martin

President and CEO




"...Amy exceeded our expectations..."

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-Dr. Jacklyn A. Chisholm

President & CEO

Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland



"...[Amy] was quick to understand our specific agency and the unique challenges we face.  She was thorough in her research, approaching board members and incorporating their feedback..."

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-Alon Shalev

Executive Director

San Francisco Hillel Jewish Student Center




Main Stream Services

Board Development: building stronger boards through assessment, learning, and clarification about aggregate board responsibilities, individual expectations and effective governance practices.


Integrative Coaching: assisting top executives and board officers with leadership transitions, successful board/staff relationships, and building high-performing teams and organizations.


Facilitation: ensuring board and staff meetings and retreats are well structured and led to engage in meaningful dialogue, build alignment and achieve clearly defined objectives.


Strategic Planning: helping organizations assess and make informed decisions about their future direction and priorities and develop a strategic framework to guide annual implementation.


Strategic Consolidation: helping two or more organizations determine if restructuring or formal partnerships are in their own, their clients' and the broader community's best interests, and guiding a process to identify and implement the optimal alliance structure.

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